Young couple cleaning and selecting things at they new home.Moving house.

Pre Listing

Before putting your house up for sale, there are a few crucial steps you need to take to maximize your potential selling price.

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Online shopping concept. Woman looking for house on real estate market website

Going Live

Now that your house is prepped, staged, and priced, it's time to put it live on the market!

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Young couple rent apartment together in the office signing contract

Receiving Offers

There are many terms and conditions in an offer that are negotiable.

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Woman hand and home key. Signed contract and keys of the property with documents. Concept for real estate business.

The Fine Print

Lets make a deal, everything you need to know about the nitty gritty real estate process.

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house sold sign


You've accepted an offer, negotiated through the inspection, had the appraisal completed, and all is well.

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The Art of Providing Value
When first-time clients work with real estate agents, they often wonder: “Am I safe, or am I in danger?” Why? Because many see agents as people just trying to make a sale — but good agents do their best to help clients get what they want. We’re not salespeople, we're professional service providers, and we provide valuable services by gauging our customers' wants and needs and meeting them where they are. Providing value to our clients is an art form, and Windermere agents create art.